- Interact with age-appropriate computer software.



- Understand that an algorithm is a set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective.

- Work out what is wrong with a simple algorithm when the steps are out of order.

- Show an awareness of the need to be precise with their algorithms.

- Know that an unexpected outcome is due to errors in their code.

- Read code one line at a time and make good attempts to envision the bigger picture of the overall effect of the program.

- Create a simple program that achieves a specific purpose.

- Identify and correct some errors.

- Identify the parts of a program that respond to specific events and initiate specific actions.




- Turn a simple real-life situation into an algorithm for a program.

- Use coding structures for selection and repetition to achieve a goal.

- Understand ‘if’ statements’ for selection and attempt to combine these with other coding structures.

- Identify an error within their program and then fix it.

- Make more intuitive attempts to debug their own programs.

- Design and code a program that follows a simple sequence.

- List a range of ways that the internet can be used to communicate.

- Recognise the main component parts of hardware which allow computers to join and form a network.



- Turn a more complex programming task into an algorithm.

- Test and debug programs and use logical methods and a systematic approach to identify the approximate cause of any bug.

- Translate algorithms that include sequence, selection and repetition into code with increasing ease.

- Combine sequence, selection and repetition with other code structures.

- Interpret a program in parts and make logical attempts to put the separate parts of a complex algorithm together.

- Understand and explain in some depth the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web.

- Know what a WAN and LAN are and can describe how they access the internet in school.

- Explain how to keep personal information safe.

- Select the most appropriate form of online communications