- Recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools.



- Understand what is meant by technology and identify a variety of examples both in and out of school.

- Make a distinction between objects that use modern technology and those that do not (e.g. microwave vs chair).

- Understand the importance of keeping information such as passwords private.

- Take ownership of work and save in a private space.

- Effectively retrieve relevant, purposeful digital content using a search engine.

- Apply learning of effective searching beyond the classroom.

- Make links between the technology they see around them and the work they do in school.

- Begin to understand how things are shared electronically.

- Know ways of reporting inappropriate behaviours and content to a trusted adult.



- Demonstrate the importance of having a secure password and explain potential negative implications.

- Explore key concepts related to online safety and help others to understand its importance.

- Know a range of ways of reporting inappropriate content and contact.




- Have a secure knowledge of common online safety rules and demonstrate the safe and respectful use of a few different technologies.

- Relate appropriate online behaviour to their right to personal privacy and mental wellbeing of themselves and others.

- Identify more discreet inappropriate behaviours through developing critical thinking.

- Recognise the value in preserving their privacy when online for their own and other people’s safety.