Reading feeds the imagination, it expands horizons and offers new and exciting ways of seeing and making sense of our lives and of the world around us.

Michael Morpurgo



Phonics at Moorthorpe Primary School

At Moorthorpe Primary School we teach Phonics and spellings in EYFS and KS1 in daily sessions using a synthetic Phonics programme called Read Write Inc.

Phonics is for children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 who are learning to read. Phonics is also for children in Y3 and Y4 who haven’t met the KS1 reading expectations. They need to catch up.

Each half-term, we assess and group our children based on their stage of reading not age of reading. This means all children practise reading at the right level. We therefore group children across Reception and KS1 depending on their reading stage. This means that children will be grouped in mixed age groups and possibly taught by different members of staff.


Read Write Inc. Phonics daily sessions

What Read Write Inc. does is simple - teach sounds, children practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds, then we give children decodable books containing sounds and words they can read.

They read each Storybook three times at school and again with you at home.

On each reading, children’s fluency increases so they can focus more on what the story is about.

Children also learn to spell the words they have been reading and develop their ideas into sentences so that they can write about the Storybooks they read.

Alongside this we read stories to children: stories they cannot yet read for themselves.

Our aim is for children to finish the RWI Phonics programme quickly so they can start reading these books for themselves.