- Listen and respond to rhymes

- Join in singing a French song and perform actions

- Listen and respond to a nursery rhyme and an extended text

- Follow a French story and join in reading

- Join in singing a French carol

- Participate in and recite a finger and nursery rhymes and recognise how sounds are presented in written form.

- Appreciate similarities and differences between English and French nursery rhymes.

- Listen for sounds, rhyme and rhythm

- Compare traditional stories

- Present a rhyme



- Learn and join in singing a French carol

- Follow the transcript of a Christmas story

- Join in performing a short Christmas story in French, reading and pronouncing unknown words

- Memorise and present a short rhyme

- Learn and join in singing a traditional French song

- Add two short verses to a rhyming poem

- Follow a story as it is read aloud, demonstrating understanding

- Sing French songs with accurate pronunciation