- Name their own city/town/village and others close by or those that they have been to

- Discuss changes in the weather


- Explain the differences between cities, towns and villages

- Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK

- Observe and record the weather at different times of the year

- Express opinions about the seasons and relate the changes to changes in clothing and activities

- Explain the role and location of ports, harbours, farms, factories and offices.

- Make predictions about the location of the hottest and coldest places in the world

- Discuss the impact of weather on tourism and time of year



- Understand the causes of natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and what occurs before the event

- Ask and answer questions about the effects on human life of natural disasters

- Draw diagrams to represent each stage of natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

- Explain the ongoing effects on human life of natural disasters

- Identify, compare and contrast the major economic drivers (both past and present) in regions of the UK and European countries



- Compare river use over time, and link to the location of major cities

- Explain the purpose of canals and locks

- Explain and present an understanding of the water cycle

- Study, compare and contrast photographs, aerial photographs and maps to evaluate land use

- Explain human interventions and infrastructure used in the water cycle

- Study official government data sources (including population numbers) and explain reasons for changes

- Compare and contrast the major economic drivers (both past and present) in countries outside of Europe.