- Recall and recount significant past and present events of their own lives and think about how things have changed within their lifetime



- To recall and recount events from before their living memory and discuss past and present events in their lives, and the lives of others.

- To recount and understand the main events from a significant time in history.

- Talk about why some things might be different in the past.

- Look at evidence to explain reasons why people in the past may have acted as they did.




- Understand some of the main events, people and changes during the time period studied.

- Describe features of past societies and periods, and offer a reasonable explanation for some of these.

- Use evidence to describe lives of people and communities from the past, and compare this with our life today.

- Describe similarities and differences between people, events and artefacts studied across periods.

- Begin to identify the causes and consequences of people’s actions.

- Describe how some events of the past influence life today




- Begin to examine the wider causes and consequences of significant historical events, and the impact this had on others.

- Examine the wider short and long term causes and consequences of significant historical events, and the impact this had on others.

- Compare an aspect of life with the same aspect in another time period e.g. economic, religious, social, cultural, political and military.

- Find out about beliefs, behaviours and characteristics of people, recognising that not everybody shared the same views, and compare these with that of another period.