- Run and jump in different ways for a variety of purposes.

- Throw an object at a target.

- Control their body when performing a sequence of movements.

- Talk about what they have done.

- Talk about what others have done.



- Vary the speed and direction in which they are travelling.

- Begin to select the most suitable speed for the distance.

- Perform and compare different types of jumps.

- Combine different jumps together with some fluency and control.

- Throw different types of equipment in different ways for accuracy and distance.

- Compete against self and others.

- Watch and describe performances.

- Begin to say how they could improve.



- Focus on leg and arm action to improve sprinting technique.

- Vary running speed for longer distance events.

- When jumping, use one and two feet to take off and land with.

- Land safely and with control.

- Develop techniques to throw with control and accuracy for increased distance.

- Compete with others and aim to improve their personal best.

- Modify use of skills and techniques to achieve a better result.

- Describe how their performance has improved over time.



- Recap, practise and refine effective sprinting technique, including reaction time.

- Select the most appropriate pace for different distances and different parts of the run.

- When jumping, develop and improve techniques for take-off, flight and landing to increase height or distance.

- Use a variety of implements to refine technique when throwing for increased distance.

- Compete against self and others in a controlled manner.

- Explain why they have used particular skills or techniques, and the effect they have had on their performance.

- Choose and use criteria to evaluate own and others’ performance.