- Hit, roll, kick, throw and catch balls, including at a target.

- Move a ball in different ways.

- Follow simple rules.

- Talk about what they have done.



- Position the body to strike a ball with increasing control.

- Throw different types of equipment in different ways.

- Bounce and kick a ball whilst moving.

- Know how to pass the ball in different ways.

- Travel at different speeds following different pathways and directions.

- Begin to understand the terms ‘attacking’ and ‘defending’.

- Understand the importance of rules in games.

- Begin to say how they could improve.



- Use equipment to demonstrate a range of successful striking skills.

- Build a rally with a partner.

- Throw and catch in different ways with control and accuracy.

- Move with the ball in a variety of ways showing control and fluency when changing direction and speed.

- Pass the ball with speed and accuracy in a game situation.

- Know how to keep and win back possession in a team game.

- Make the best use of space to pass and receive the ball.

- Use a range of attacking, defending and fielding tactics in a game.

- Apply and follow rules fairly.

- Describe how their performance has improved over time.



- Use good hand-eye coordination to direct a ball when striking it.

- Throw and catch successfully when under pressure in games.

- Use a range of ball skills, linking together effectively when moving.

- Fluently choose and make the best pass in a game situation.

- Keep and win back possession in a variety of ways in team games.

- Demonstrate a good awareness of space.

- Think ahead and create a plan for attack, defence and fielding.

- Follow and create complicated rules to play a game successfully.

- Choose and use criteria to evaluate their performance and others’.