- Create a short sequence of movements.

- Roll, travel, stretch, jump and balance in different ways.

- Move around, under, over, and through different objects and equipment.



- Rolls: Log, egg, teddy bear & forward from crouched.

- Jumps: Straight, tuck, jumping jack, half-turn & cat spring.

- Springboard: Hurdle step onto; straight and tuck jump off.

- Handstands, cartwheels & round-offs: Bunny hop, T-lever, scissor kick & wheelbarrow with partner.

- Travel and linkages: Tiptoe, step, jump, hop, hopscotch, skip and gallop.

- Shapes and balances: Standing, kneeling, large body part, on apparatus, with a partner, pike, tuck, star, straight & straddle.

- Perform: Perform sequences of their own composition (applying learned skills) with increasing coordination and control.



- Rolls: Forward from standing, straddle forward and tucked backward.

- Jumps: Star, straddle, pike, cat leap, straight half and full jump.

- Vault: Squat and straddle onto vault; star, tuck, straddle and pike off.

- Handstands, cartwheels & round-offs: Lunge into handstand and cartwheel.

- Travel and linkages: Chassis steps and pivot.

- Shapes and balances: Matching and contrasting partner balances (with and against) and 1, 2, 3 & 4 points balances.  

- Perform: Perform and create sequences (applying learned skills) with fluency, expression, control and accuracy.



- Rolls: Pike forward and backward roll, dive forward roll & forward roll to standing pike.

- Jumps: Stag jump, stag leap and split leap.

- Vault: Squat through vault and straddle over vault.

- Handstands, cartwheels & round-offs: Lunge into round-off and hurdle steps.

- Travel and linkages: Cat leap turns.

- Shapes and balances: Part body weight partner balances and group formations

- Perform: Link actions to create a complex sequence (applying learned skills) using a full range of movement that showcases different agilities, performed with precision in time to music.