Talk about how they and others show feelings. Show some understanding that good practices with regard to exercise, eating, sleeping and hygiene can contribute to good health.



Mental health

- Recognise different types of feelings and how to manage them

- Understand change or loss and how this can feel

- Discuss the importance of special people in their lives

- Talk about making friends and who can help with friendships

- Develop strategies for solving problems that arise with friendships

Physical health

- Understand that food is associated with special times, in different cultures and discuss the importance of eating well

- Know some active playground games from around the world

- Discus the importance of physical activity, sleep and rest

- Talk about sun-safety

- Recognise the people who help us to stay healthy and well and talk about basic health and fitness routines



Mental health

- Celebrate achievements and set personal goals

- Discuss how to deal with put-downs

- Talk about positive ways to deal with set-backs

Physical health

- Describe healthy choices with food and drink

- Understand how branding can affect the foods people choose to buy

- Discuss ways to keep active and some of the challenges of this

- Know why some people may eat or avoid certain foods (religious, moral, cultural or health reasons) and describe other factors that contribute to food choices (ethical farming, fair trade and seasonality)

- Understand the importance of getting enough sleep



Mental health

- Discuss a wide range of emotions and feelings and how these are experienced in the body

- Describe times of change and how this can make people feel

- Talk about the feelings associated with loss, grief and bereavement

- Know what mental health is, what can affect it and some ways of dealing with this

- Understand some everyday ways to look after mental health

- Discuss stigma and discrimination that can surround mental health

Physical health

- Recognise that messages given on food adverts can be misleading

- Discuss role models

- Understand how the media can manipulate images and this may not reflect reality