Know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.



Beliefs & Practices: Recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out about the meanings behind them.

Stories: Retell and suggest meanings to some religious and moral stories, exploring and discussing sacred writings and sources of wisdom and recognising the communities from which they come.

Symbols & Actions: Recognise some different symbols and actions which express a community’s way of life, appreciating some similarities between communities.



Beliefs & Practices: Describe different beliefs, practices and features of different rituals, and begin to compare and contrast the meanings behind them.

Stories: Recall, name and discuss a wider range of stories, sacred writings and sources of wisdom

Symbols & Actions: Recognise, discuss and compare and wider range of symbols and actions to understand different ways of life.



Beliefs & Practices: Describe and make connections between different features of the religions and world views they study. discovering more about celebrations, worship, pilgrimages and the rituals which mark important points in life in order to reflect thoughtfully on their ideas.

Stories: Describe and understand links between stories and other aspects of the communities they are investigating, responding thoughtfully to a range of sources of wisdom and to beliefs and teachings that arise from them in different communities.

Symbols & Actions: Explore and describe a range of beliefs, symbols and actions so that they can understand different ways of life and ways of expressing meaning.