Inclusion Resource at Moorthorpe                          

WISENDSS in partnership with Moorthorpe Primary



You’ll find a warm welcome in our Inclusion Resource at Moorthorpe Primary School.

Key Facts

  • Our Inclusion Resource doors are open from September 2021.
  • We are a small specialist school setting for children with who need additional support to access mainstream education through a specialist nurturing approach for their emotional needs.
  • The children have social, emotional and mental health needs and often have some communication and interaction needs.
  • We aim to help children return to their local mainstream school (or another mainstream school of the parent’s choice) for the secondary phase of education, if not before.


Our children:

  • Come from across the Wakefield district
  • Are aged 5-11
  • All have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


Children to learn and develop skills so that when they grow up they can:

  • Get the best qualifications possible
  • Live independent lives
  • Have a job that they are happy with
  • Function in society
  • Have friends and relationships
  • Be safe


We provide:

  • A specialist environment that has been redesigned for children with SEMH.
  • Lessons in a mainstream school, the resource classrooms or a mix of both.
  • Specialist interventions and support (e.g. Blob Trees, Five Point Scale, anger management or social communication groups).
  • Support from specialist staff.





Teacher in Charge

Jo Reasbeck

Senior Specialist Learning Support Officer

Debbie Gordon


Specialist Learning Support Assistants

Justin Beardsmore

Chloe Ledger

  • Children’s support is provided by specialist staff from Wakefield Inclusion and SEND Support Service (WISENDSS).
  • They specialise in social, emotional and mental health needs as well as SEND more broadly. The staff are managed by the WISENDSS specialist leadership team.



  • Typically, parents request a resource place via an EHCP Annual Review (or early annual review).
  • Admission is open only to children in school years Reception to Y5.
  • Admission to the mainstream school is not a route to accessing the resource. This is because the route to a placement in the resource can only be via a student’s EHCP.


Looking ahead

Children move on to other appropriate schools. This is may be at the end of Y6. If a child is ready, it may be sooner.


The next school may be a:

  • Local mainstream school
  • Specialist SEN school


Get in touch

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