The Chair of our Governing Body is Mr Matt Howlett, if you wish to contact Mr Howlett, please contact the school on the number below, alternatively please send any correspondance to:

Or, alternatively: 

Mr Matt Howlett 

Moorthorpe Primary School
Regent Street
South Elmsall

01977 642820


Governor Committees

Governing Body of Moorthorpe Primary School                                                 APPENDIX ‘A’               22 September 2020


Primary Committees

 (Meet termly)

Standards and Pupils


(including Personnel and Pay Implementation)


Performance Management Working Group

(Quorum – 3)

Headteacher (Mrs D Birdsall)

Mr M Howlett

Mr G Hinchliffe

Miss C Turner

Mrs T Mottram (PE/Sports Governor)


(Quorum – 3)

Headteacher (Mrs D Birdsall)

School Business Manager (Mrs B George}

Ms C Jones

Mr M Howlett

Ms L Wathey




(Quorum – 2)

GB Chair

Any non-staff Governor subject to skills and availability


Secondary Committees

(Meet only when required)

Secondary Committee

(Responsibility for Complaints,

Personnel Appeals & Pupil Discipline)

Joint Committee

Appointment Selection Panels

(Quorum – 3; or for appeals, equal in size to the committee which made the decision being appealed against)


Three Governors Chosen on the basis of alphabetical rotation, subject to eligibility and availability.


Anyone employed to work at the school cannot be selected.

(Quorum - 3)

All Governors, subject to eligibility and, availability. Members must not have any prior knowledge of the issue.

Members will be chosen to serve on the joint committee, as follows:

  • priority given to the Chair/Vice-Chair of the hosting Governing Body unless he/she has prior knowledge of the issue;
  • other members to be chosen subject to eligibility and availability.

Leadership Group

GB Chair

GB Vice-Chair


Outside the Leadership Group

Delegated to the Headteacher.

Link Governors

Training Link Governor



Pupil Premium




Health & Safety


Mrs L Wathey

Mrs M Edwards

Rev M Gallagher

Mrs C Jones

Mr M Spink




Year 1

Year 2

Mr M Howlett

Ms L Wathey

Mrs C Jones

Mrs M Edwards

Mrs L Wathey

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Rev M Gallagher

Mrs K Fullwood

Mrs T Mottram

Mr M Howlett

Rev M Gallagher


Anyone wishing to see the school minutes of Governing Body meetings they are displayed on the school noticeboard in the foyer and below.

Minutes 22/09/2020

Minutes 17/11/2020

Annual Planner 2020-2021