Italian Day 2018

16 February 2018

Friday 16th February the school held an Italian day where the children looked at the culture of Italy.


Valentines Disco 2018

15 February 2018

2018 KS1 and 2 Valentine's Disco's {gallery-slideshow:Valentines Disco 2018}


Y6 Visit to York Castle Museum

21 December 2017

On Tuesday 19th December Y6 visited the Castle Museum in York. This was linked to History work on WW1 and English work on 'A Christmas Carol'. The children explored the WW1 exhibits and followed the lives of several real characters through WW1. Leighlah tried applying a bandage to Marley's arm. The children asked the curator lots of questions about the artifacts on display linked to WW1. They then visited the Victorian street when several children took part in the retelling of 'A Christmas Carol'. Following this the children had a one hour workshop on how to make a Morse code machine, using their skills from science to construct a circuit that included a buzzer. We all had a great day at the museum.


Santa Samba

18 December 2017

On Monday 18th December Tracy Ryder and a team from Wakefield Music services came into school to provide some 'Santa Samba' workshops for Y1 to Y6. All children took part in making music using drums, bells and shakers. The children had a great time and the music was LOUD!


KS1 Christmas Performance - Gnome Alone

18 December 2017

KS1 Christmas Performance this year was Gnome Alone. Y2 took the acting roles with Y1 forming the choir. The singing of the choir was the best we have ever had. The actors in Y2 were line perfect, with the narrators doing a fabulous job of informing the audience of what was happening in each scene. Each child gave a superb performance.


KS2 Carol Service at St Mary's Church

14 December 2017

KS2 invited parents and family to their Carol service in St Mary's Church. The following children all did readings to tell the story of Christmas: Shannon Thornton, Leighlah Edwards, Ellie Howden, Maddison Gibbs, William Jackson, Violet Sykes, Hollie Dobbie, Callum Poole and Rihanna Roberts. Dylan Cater (Y6) did a fantastic job with the technical side of the service - ensuring the right music at the right time. The event was well attended and judging by the comments at the end of the service, everyone enjoyed it. The school thanks the Rev Gallagher for allowing us to perform in the church. A great way to celebrate Christmas.


Carol singing at Next

12 December 2017

Y5 were invited up to the Next retail warehouse to entertain the staff over the lunchtime period. Children sang a range of traditional carols and popular Christmas songs. The staff were very impressed with the singing voices and the conduct of the children whilst they were at Next. All the children agreed it was a great experience and enjoyed bringing the spirit of Christmas to Next employees. Wel done Y5


Christmas Fayre 2017

8 December 2017

The annual PTA Christmas Fayre was another great success - thank you to all who attended and raised funds for school and the PTA. Both halls were packed with a variety of stalls, games, refreshments and Santa's Grotto. Well over 100 parents attended the Fayre, raising £935.65 for school funds and over £400 for the PTA. The money the school raised will be used to purchase new home reading books for Foundation and KS1 children; class novels for KS2 pupils. Look out in the news section for information on book purchases.


Play leader training for Midday staff

6 December 2017

Day two of training for Play leaders. Today it was the turn of the midday supervisors who had a 2 hour training session with Peter Ward from Wakefield Health Schools. The staff had great fun learning and playing a number of games that they will be taking onto the playground at lunchtimes to ensure that all children have a fun and happy lunchtime.


Play Leader Training 5th December 2017

5 December 2017

Peter Ward from Wakefield Healthy Schools has been into school to train our Y5 pupils on becoming play leaders.This is the first of two sessions. He has chosen William Jackson from Y5 to be the instructor. William can be seen giving the other Y5 pupils instructions for this session (running, hopping, sit ups). Once the Y5 pupils have been trained they will join the midday supervisors on the playground, playing alongside and instructing the younger pupils, encouraging team games and co-operative play at lunchtime and during morning break.


Making Christmas Decorations 2017

1 December 2017

Parents came into school on Friday 1st December and worked alongside their child to make a range of Christmas Decorations. A lots of cutting and sticking later the decorations were hung on the school Christmas trees, ready to go home at the end of term. We had over 120 parents attend this event - thank you to all who came.



8 November 2017

Children have today taken part in 'Box2BFit' sessions. This will help improve general fitness and hand eye coordination