Physical Education is a real strength of our school and we actively pursue opportunities such as the CAS pilot project to give our pupils excellent experiences of sport and physical activity. We are one of ten Wakefield Schools who are part of this research based whole school behaviour change approach to increasing and improving physical activity in school.
PE Subject Leader: Mrs Jackson
At Moorthorpe, PE will allow us to keep fit, healthy and to  compete, against ourselves and others.
Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils will:
- feel involved, motivated, engaged, challenged and safe
- progress in technical skills and tactical knowledge across a range of sports
- appreciate the value of exercise in looking after their physical and mental health and wellbeing
- develop a determined attitude, and key interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork
- be directed to outside agencies to pursue sporting interests
- have the opportunity to represent the school as part of an organised and competitive team
- feel confident to enjoy competing with their peers, and know how to win and lose with sportsmanship
- challenge themselves to set personal targets and persevere over a period of time to accomplish these
- sustain a lifelong love for sport and physical activity
We subscribe to the GetSet4PE resources which provides our lessons with an overarching and consistent structure.
We are lucky to have the services of Martin Stringfellow who teaches Games & Athletics as part of our Outdoor PE offer from Year 1 to Year 6 on Wednesday & Friday mornings. Our children also have the opportunity to compete in events with other schools organised as part of our pyramid at Minsthorpe Community College. The timing of these events ties in with our planned curriculum. We enjoy competing against other schools and bringing home trophies for our cabinet!
Our PE curriculum is supplemented by after school clubs also including netball and football plus other activities such as Bikeability, roller bike competition, Robinwood adventurous residential, daily mile competitions and many more!
Due to the nature of our split classes in UKS2 for 2023/2024, the Year 5, Year 5/6 and Year 6 classes will each attend swimming for 4 half terms out of 6.
To see how the topics in our PE curriculum are arranged please take a look at our Long Term Plan.