Science Subject Leader: Mrs Field


At Moorthorpe, Science will help us to understand the world.


Our Science curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

- experience the subject in a practical, hands on way.

- use scientific language and vocabulary to communicate their understanding.

- develop curious, enquiring minds that seek to ask questions.

- are confident enough to make predictions and test them methodically through experiments and observations.

- recognise the power of rational explanation.

- show a sense of excitement about natural phenomena.

- apply scientific thinking such as classifying and grouping across the wider curriculum.

- are aware of the key scientific thinkers that have shaped our understanding of the world.

- understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.


Starting in the 2023/24 academic year, we now subscribe to the resources from PZAZ to support the teaching and learning of our Science curriculum. PZAZ provides teachers with quality lesson plans, practical activities, PowerPoints, videos, printables, quizzes, knowledge organisers and much more.


Knowledge progression

Working scientifically skills progression

Vocabulary progression



Autumn One - Autumn changes & Changing and growing

Autumn Two - Winter changes & Investigating shadows

Spring One - Changing temperatures & Ice experiment

Spring Two - Farms animals & Planting and growing

Summer One - Spring changes/life cycles & Planting and growing

Summer Two - Exploring materials & Sinking and floating


Knowledge Organisers

Autumn One 23-24

Year One - Animals (Humans)

Year Two - Living things and their habitats

Year Three - Light

Year Four - Sound

UKS2 - Animals (Circulatory system)


Autumn Two 23-24

Year One - Everyday materials

Year Three - Forces and magnets

Year Four - Electricity

UKS2 - Living things


Spring One 23-24

Year One - Seasonal changes

Year Two - Living things and their habitats (recap)

Year Three - Rocks

Year Four - Rocks (recap)

UKS2 - Earth and space


Spring Two 23-24

Year Two - Everyday materials

Year Three - Rocks (continued)

Year Four - Animals (Digestive system)


Summer One 23-24

Year One - Plants

Year Three - Animals (Skeletons and muscles)

Year Four - Living things

UKS2 - Light


Summer Two 23-24

Year One - Animals

Year Two - Animals and Plants

Year Three - Plants

Year Four - States of matter

UKS2 - Evolution and inheritance