Science Subject Leader: Mrs Clare


At Moorthorpe, Science will help us to understand the world.


Our Science curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

- experience the subject in a practical, hands on way.

- use scientific language and vocabulary to communicate their understanding.

- develop curious, enquiring minds that seek to ask questions.

- are confident enough to make predictions and test them methodically through experiments and observations.

- recognise the power of rational explanation.

- show a sense of excitement about natural phenomena.

- apply scientific thinking such as classifying and grouping across the wider curriculum.

- are aware of the key scientific thinkers that have shaped our understanding of the world.

- understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

Vision Statement


To see how the topics in our Science curriculum are arranged please take a look at our Long Term Plan.


We have separated the skills that our budding scientists need to develop into six strands. Click on each strand to see how the skills progress through the curriculum.

Animals including Humans, Evolution & Inheritance

Earth, Space, Seasonal Change, Forces & Magnets

Electricity, Light & Sound

Materials, Rocks & States of Matter

Plants, Living Things & Their Habitats

Working Scientifically


We have also mapped the progression in vocabulary usage.

Science vocabulary progression


Please view our enrichment map to see the range of trips, visitors and events that we have planned make sure that our Science curriculum is as exciting as possible.