The sections below provides a range of links to blogs, videos, documents and our own summary various approaches which have informed our teaching practice in order to consistently and effectively implement the provision of the curriculum:


'Botheredness' and a Rich Curriculum

Our approach to provide a rich curriculum (Moorthorpe)

A Curriculum of Hope - Debra Kidd - Summary (Moorthorpe)

A Rich Curriculum (Debra Kidd)

A Rich Curriculum Summary (Moorthorpe)

The Pedagogy of Poverty (Martin Haberman)

Pedagogy of Poverty Summary (Moorthorpe)

A Knowledge-rich Curriculum (Tom Sherrington)

A Knowledge-rich Curriculum Summary (Moorthorpe)

Ask the Cognitive Scientist (Daniel T. Willlingham)

Mantle of the Expert Summary (Dorothy Heathcote)

Hywel Roberts - CPD Jukebox

Hywel Roberts - I'll Speak As...


Rosenshine's Principles & Cognitive Load Theory

One page overview (Moorthorpe)

Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory – one page summary

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction

Rosenshine’s Principles – one page summary

Tom Sherrington video explanation of Rosenshine’s Principles

Questioning: WALKTHRUs (Moorthorpe) summary

Practice & retrieval: WALKTHRUs (Moorthorpe) summary

Explaining & modelling: WALKTHRUs (Moorthorpe) summary

Ten techniques for retrieval practice

The power of questioning

Top three questioning strategies

Think pair share

Cold calling


Curriculum Thinking

The curse of content coverage (Mary Myatt)

Have they grasped it? (Mary Myatt)

Creators not consumers (Mary Myatt)