We strive to work closely with our families and ensure an effective partnership between home and school. We welcome parents/carers into school for events and celebrations, to support learning (INSPIRE sessions, parents evenings, phonics meetings etc) and to offer ideas or discuss any concerns at monthly coffee mornings.

In addition to this, every morning the Headteacher, Learning mentor and Wellbeing Leader are out on the playground meeting and greeting pupils and parents. We are able to check in with pupils and families, deal with any concerns and provide a reassuring presence. This has enabled us to be a real support for our families and meant a smoother start to the school day with a prompt start to lessons.

Moorthorpe parents have recently completed a Parent Survey (Nov 22) - results can be viewed by clicking here

Parents will find here information and forms to help school and parents to work more closely with together. Please look through the sub menu

Helping your child with reading KS1 Reading Vipers

Helping your child with reading KS2 Reading Vipers