Music Subject Leader: Mrs Currie
At Moorthorpe, Music will provide us with an avenue for expression and collective enjoyment.
Our Music curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils will:
- learn to play an instrument competently.
- perform in a concert.
- share music with the wider community.
- use a variety of musical instruments.
- value the joy of singing collectively
- experience a broad range of musical genres
- appreciate the most iconic bands and performers from British music history.
- be aware of musicians whose originality has influenced the work of others.
- develop an open mind towards to the musical taste of others.
- learn and talk the language of music.
- be aware of the emotional and cognitive benefits of learning about and enjoying music.
Our Music curriculum in Years 1 to Year 6 is predominantly taught by Nadine Gray from Wakefield Music Service on Wednesdays.
KS1: Children are taught for three half-terms per year (currently February to July). Lessons explore 'Music through story'
LKS2: Children are taught for three half-terms per year (currently September to February). Lessons explore 'Singing, rhythm, pulse and rhyme'
UKS2: Children are currently taught for two half-terms per year (Year 6 - September to December, Year 5 - January to April, Year 5/6 - April to July). This rotates on a two-year cycle. In 2023/24 children are taught Samba Drumming, and in 2024/25 they will be taught Ukuleles. 
At the end of every teaching cycle parents are invited in for a celebratory performance.


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