History Subject Leader: Mrs Doyle


At Moorthorpe, History will help us to unlock the past!


Our History curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

- learn about a wide range of historical events; locally, nationally an internationally.

- develop inquisitive minds with regards to what has gone before

- appreciate and respect previous generations

- are skilled historians, able to learn about key periods from the past using source material to determine how and why events took place

- visit local sites of historical importance such as Pontefract Castle

- understand the importance of museums as curators of knowledge and artefacts

- experience history brought alive within the school through specially organised visitors and themed events



Key Documentation

History Curriculum


History Policy

Pupil Work

Let's say...you're Richard, Duke of York leading his troops at the Battle of Wakefield - what do you say to inspire them to victory (or certain death)? 'Battle Cry' performed live on location at Sandal Castle