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Timeline of Implementation


From September 2019 we have had a renewed focus on our broad and balanced curriculum at Moorthorpe Primary School. Our curriculum will continue to meet the needs of the Moorthorpe child and will reflect the high aspirations we have for our pupils and the new 2019 Ofsted Framework. It will be an ambitious, knowledge rich curriculum that is delivered in a manner designed to help learners to remember in the long term. Children will be given the opportunity to discover an area of interest and pursue it with vigour. We plan to take a different approach; building a curriculum with appropriate coverage, content, structure and sequencing and implement it effectively by using subject specialists.



Clear progression in skills, knowledge and vocabulary

Passionate, visionary, autonomous, developing subject leaders

Consistency in quality

Tangible, hands-on learning

Timetable devotion

Development mapped with clear milestones

Pupil voice at the heart

Forward thinking

High expectations for achievement


Intent, Implementation & Impact

INTENT: We plan to focus on:

Capturing pupils’ interests and enjoyment;

Putting books/stories and the development of vocabulary at the heart of our curriculum;

Developing and deepening pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects;

Ensuring breadth and depth of learning;

Ensuring pupils retain information;

Planning extra-curricular activities, visits and visitors to enhance learning;

Including tasks that simulate experiences pupils are likely to encounter in later life;

Publishing/displaying our best work and sharing it with a wider audience.


IMPLEMENTATION: We plan to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment so that they are consistently good by:

Ensuring there is regular, good quality training for teachers and support staff;

Bringing in specialists in Music and PE to teach the children and train our staff;

Units of work planned by subject leaders and delivered in key stages by upskilled teachers;

Ensuring knowledge is repeated and presented in different ways;

Mapping out progression through each subject;

Linking more frequently with local schools in our Minsthorpe Pyramid and across The Wakefield Trust Schools to share good practice and join in shared projects.


IMPACT: We plan to ‘define success’ by:

Monitoring the quality of teaching across all subject areas;

Looking at work in pupils’ books/folders and documentary review;

Seeking the views of all stakeholders; namely pupils, parents and staff.

Ensuring leaders take effective action to improve their areas of responsibility.


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