Our Curriculum Offer

Academically, we aim for pupils to:

  • Remember knowledge
  • Apply skills
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Make connections
  • Enjoy the process

We also aspire for the curriculum to not just have an impact on academic outcomes, but also on the child as a whole; as a member of society.

Our whole-child aims are for pupils to:

  • Understand their world
  • Communicate effectively
  • Find avenues for creative expression
  • Regulate wellbeing & self-care
  • Show empathy, compassion & pride


A Rich Curriculum

We seek to provide a curriculum that is knowledge-rich but also humanity-rich. We intend for children to be wise, not just well-informed.

Our approach to provide a rich curriculum

In order for a rich curriculum to be truly realised, it is important the children are in invested in their learning. We have worked with educational consultant Hywel Roberts on ways to implement this effectively. This link captures the essence of how we intend to get children ‘bothered’ about our curriculum.

Hywel Roberts

Please see our Pedagogy page for access to a range of documentation that we use to support a consistent and effective approach to teaching and learning.


Themes of Learning

We also have eight themes of learning that span across the subjects and which enable children to build a connected understanding. These feed into our overall aims stated above and make our curriculum bespoke to the priorities of our community. These themes are:

Themes of Learning


Curriculum 23-24


Curriculum Long Term Plan - Years 1-6


* Please not that due to our annual intake of up to 45 children now reducing to 30 children, we are in the process of phasing out split classes - therefore this document is the intended plan for single-form entry year groups moving forwards.