Welcome to Moorthorpe Inclusion Resource  


Moorthorpe Inclusion Resource is a bespoke, personalised, enhanced mainstream setting for Reception to Year 6 pupils who have a current Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).   

This setting is designed to meet the needs of learners with a range of identified needs which predominantly include Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social Emotional Mental Health Difficulties.   

We aim to support our learners to develop essential behaviours and skills for learning in order for them to be included into the classroom with their peers.   


What We Do  

Moorthorpe Inclusion Resource is committed to providing a curriculum that follows the key elements of mainstream school's offer whilst meeting the individual needs of each child as detailed in their EHCP statutory document.  

We provide a safe and supportive environment for our learners to develop their learning at a pace that is appropriate for them. Currently, we have 3 classroom spaces and our learners are grouped according to the approach to learning that they need as opposed to chronological age [please note that the use of these spaces are subject to change based on the cohort of learners we have at the time]. 


At Moorthorpe Inclusion Resource: 

  • The environment offers a safe base  
  • We offer appropriate challenge and support at each stage not age of learner. Learning is understood developmentally.  
  • We aim to develop 'ready to learn' behaviours.  
  • Offer opportunities to practise independence including independent learning skills.  
  • Based on the principle that all behaviour is a form of communication, we aim to develop self-regulation strategies to support learners to regulate their emotions in a way that promotes independence.   
  • A focus on skills (including early reading skills) that will support learners to become increasingly independent.   
  • Timetabled opportunities that provide opportunity to develop social interaction skills and emotional literacy.   
  • A large element of our offer if support to include the learners into the classroom with their peers. This is timetabled on an individual basis by our staff from resource to ensure confidence and success.

Our Curriculum

We plan our curriculum alongside school, following their themes and approaches in order to promote and support inclusion. Where possible, our pupils will access lessons with their peers. Some may follow an individualised, bespoke programme of learning that is designed to meet individual need in line with EHCP outcomes and provision for some areas of the curriculum.  


Admission to Moorthorpe Inclusion Resource  

Admissions to the Inclusion Resource are not through usual school admissions process. Admission to the Inclusion Resource must be identified via the Education Health Care panel, in consultation with the WISENDSS Inclusion Manager and the school.  

Visits to the Inclusion Resource are welcomed and can be arranged by contacting the Resource for an appointment.  


Teacher in Charge: Jo Reasbeck 

Specialist Learning Advisor: Debbie Gordon