Computing Subject Leader: Mrs Clare


At Moorthorpe, Computing will help us to interact with the world.


Our Computing curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils are:

- able to use technology imaginatively, creatively and efficiently.

- enthused and equipped with the capability to use technology throughout their lives.

- able to access a variety of high quality hardware and software resources.

- critical thinkers and reflective learners.

- responsible and competent users of data, information and communication technology.

- respectful towards legislation regarding how information is used, stored, created, retrieved, shared and manipulated.

- equipped with the skills, strategies and knowledge that will  enable them to reap the benefits of the online world, whilst being able to minimise risk to themselves or others.

- users of computational thinking beyond the Computing curriculum.

Vision Statement


To see how the topics in our Computing curriculum are arranged please take a look at our Long Term Plan. We use the Purple Mash scheme of work.


We have separated the skills that our young computational thinkers need to develop into three strands. Click on each strand to see how the skills progress through the curriculum.

Computer Science

Digital Literacy

Information Technology


We have also mapped the progression in vocabulary usage to correspond with the Purple Mash scheme of work.

Vocabulary Progression