- Begin to use a variety of drawing tools – e.g. finger, stick, pencil, coloured pencils, pastels, chalk.

- Use drawings to tell a story from retelling or from imagination.

- Investigate different lines - thick, thin, wavy, straight.

- Ensure sensitivity and visual awareness.

- Make simple representations of objects familiar to them e.g. my house, my cat, my family.



- Experiment with a variety of drawing media. Use thick felt tip pens/chalks/charcoal/wax crayon.

- Control the types of marks made. Continue to add detail to picture and begin to use side of pencil to add shading to detail.

- Draw on different surfaces with a range of media.

- Observe and draw shapes from observations.

- Investigate tone by drawing light/dark lines. Look at drawings and comment thoughtfully, begin to discuss use of shadows, use of light and dark.

- Make rubbing to collect textures and pattern. 



- Experiment with ways in which surface detail can be added to drawings using various media.

- Draw both the positive and negative shapes i.e. draw both the outline of the object and the shapes it creates within it. Introduce the concepts of scale and proportion.

- Draw for a sustained period of time at an appropriate level.

- Experiment with different grades of pencil and other implements to create lines, marks and different forms and shapes.

- Begin to show an awareness of objects having a third dimension. Identify and draw the effect of light (shadows) on a surface, on objects and people.

- Apply tone in a drawing in different ways.

- Create textures with a wide range of drawing implements and apply a simple use of pattern and texture in drawing.



- Independently select materials and techniques to use to create a specific outcome.

- Work from a variety of sources including observation, photographs and digital images. Develop close observation skills.

- Work in a more sustained and independent way.

- Draw with precision using different gradient pencils or other mediums for effect. Show shape, proportion and perspective in drawings and artwork.