- Make rubbings showing a range of textures and patterns.

- Print with block colours.

- Print with a variety of objects.

- Imprint onto a range of textures – newspaper, coloured paper, clay etc.



- Experiment with marbling, investigating how ink flows and changes with movement.

- Print with a range of hard and soft materials e.g. corks and sponge

- Roll inks/paints over found objects to create patterns.

- Create a repeated pattern in print

- Identify the different forms printing takes e.g. books, pictures, wallpapers fabrics

- Create a printed piece of art by pressing, rolling, rubbing and stamping.



- Create printing blocks using a relief or impressed method, with card, string and polystyrene.

- Use sketch books to record ideas and patterns.

- Explore colour mixing through overlapping two colour prints deliberately..

- Modify and adapt print as work progresses



- Design and create prints for fabrics, book covers and wallpaper.

- Make connections between own work and patterns in their local environment e.g. curtains and wallpaper.

- Explore printing techniques used by various artists.

- Work into prints with a range of media, including pens, coloured pencils and paint.