- Enjoy using a variety of malleable media such as clay, papier mache, salt dough. 

- Impress and apply simple decoration.

- Cut shapes using scissors and other modelling tools.

- Build a construction/ sculpture using a variety of objects e.g. recycled, natural and manmade materials.

- Look and talk about what they have produced, describing simple techniques and media used.



- Continue to manipulate malleable materials in a variety of ways including rolling, pinching and kneading.

- Impress and apply simple decoration techniques: impressed, painted, applied.

- Use tools and equipment safely and in the correct way.

- Explore the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers.

- Look at and talk about own work and that of other artists and the techniques they had used.

- Shape, form, construct and model from observation and imagination.

- Use a sketchbook to plan and develop simple ideas and making simple informed choices in media.

- Demonstrate experience in surface patterns/ textures and use them when appropriate.

- Explore carving as a form of 3D art.

- Identify changes they might make or how their work could be developed further.



- Learn to secure work to continue at a later date.

- Join two parts successfully.

- Produce more intricate surface patterns/ textures and use them when appropriate.

- Produce objects using pinch/ slab/ coil techniques.

- Make a slip to join two pieces of clay.

- Gain more confidence in carving as a form of 3D art.

- Demonstrate awareness in environmental sculpture and found object art.

- Discuss and review own and others work, expressing thoughts and feelings, and identify modifications/ changes and see how they can be developed further.

- Further explore a range of great artists, architects and designers in history.



- Show experience in combining pinch, slabbing and coiling to produce end pieces.

- Develop understanding of different ways of finishing work: glaze, paint, polish.

- Confidently carve a simple form.

- Model over an armature: eg. newspaper frame for Modroc.

- Use recycled, natural and manā€made materials to create sculptures.

- Compare the style of different styles and approaches: eg. Moore vs Aztec sculpture.

- Demonstrate experience in relief and freestanding work using a range of media.

- Recognise sculptural forms in the environment: Furniture, buildings.