Weighing and measuring: Weigh and measure with adult assistance.

Sharp equipment: Divide food using safety knives and adult assistance.

Preparation: Mix ingredients with adult assistance

Assembling: Place ingredients together with adult assistance.

Cooking techniques: Show some understanding of the effect of baking.

Source of food: Show some awareness of where food comes from.

Diet: Understand the importance of healthy eating choices.



Weighing and measuring: Ensure scales are set to zero and placed on a

flat surface. Pour liquids carefully.

Sharp equipment: Using safety knives, chop and cut fruit and

vegetables, and develop use of the bridge hold.

Preparation: Stir and mix ingredients.

Assembling: Attempt to spread ingredients evenly. Carefully arrange

ingredients aesthetically.

Cooking techniques: Bake and blend non-savoury foods.

Source of food: Understand that all food comes from plants or


Classify foods as fruit or vegetables.

Diet: Explain the importance of eating fruit and vegetables.





Weighing and measuring: Use spoons to avoid spilling when weighing.

Pour liquids until a given point.

Sharp equipment: Using sharper equipment, peel, grate, slice, chop and

develop use the of the claw grip.

Preparation: Sift, beat, knead and whisk ingredients.

Assembling: Shape and thread food.

Cooking techniques: Bake savoury foods, taking responsibility for


Source of food: Understand where food is grown, caught and reared in

the wider world.

Understand and explain the meaning of seasonality in food production.

Name different uses and functions of the same primary ingredient.

Diet: Identify and name the different sections of the Eatwell plate, and

understand the need for variety and balance in our diet.



Weighing and measuring: Understand and use a range of metric and

imperial measures.

Sharp equipment: Dice ingredients.

Preparation: Combine and rub-in ingredients.

Assembling: Roll out, sprinkle and trim food.

Cooking techniques: Fry and boil savoury foods.

Source of food: Understand and discuss the impact of food production

on our planet and consider our role in developing sustainable nutrition.

Research the location of the ingredients in the food they make.

Diet: Understand and explain how food labelling is used in the UK.