- Develop ideas through selecting and using materials and working on processes that interest them.

- Safely use, explore and experiment with a variety of materials, tools and techniques



- Demonstrate how to cut, shape and join fabric to make a simple product.

- Use a basic running stich with a large eye needle and Binca fabric.

- Begin to use simple finishing techniques to improve the appearance of their product, such as adding simple decorations.



- Measure, cut, shape and join fabric accurately.

- Join textiles with various sewing techniques using a standard needle and felt fabric.

- Begin to select and use different and appropriate finishing techniques to improve the appearance of a product such as hemming, tie-dye, fabric paints and digital graphics



- Measure, make a seam allowance, tape, pin, cut, shape and join fabric with precision to make a more complex product.

- Join textiles using a variety of complex and intricate stitches with accuracy, using pins to temporarily hold woven fabrics in place.