- Understand what can go into and on to bodies and how it can make people feel

- Know why medicines are taken and where they come from

- Discuss how to keep themselves safe around medicine

- Begin to know that medicines can be used to manage and treat medical conditions such as asthma, and that it is important to follow

instructions for their use



- Know the definition of a drug and that drugs (including medicines) can be harmful to people

- Understand that there are drugs (other than medicines) that are common in everyday life, and why people choose to use them

- Recognise the effects and risks of smoking tobacco and second-hand smoke

- Discuss the help available for people to remain smoke free or to stop smoking

- Explain the effects and risks of drinking alcohol

- Describe the different patterns of behaviour that are related to drug use



- Know the risks associated with using different drugs, including tobacco and nicotine products, alcohol, solvents, medicines and other legal and illegal drugs

- Recognise the different influences on drug use, alcohol, tobacco and nicotine products

- Discuss strategies to resist pressure from others about whether to use drugs, smoking and alcohol

- Assess the level of risk in different situations involving drug use and describe ways to manage risk