Show understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges, and consider and manage some risks.



- Talk about personal safety and safety in familiar situations

- Discuss the people who help to keep them safe outside the home

- Describe ways to keep safe in the home, including fire safety

- Describe ways to keep safe outside the home, including road safety



- Recognise bullying and how it can make people feel

- Know the different types of bullying and how to respond to bullying incidents, including what to do if they witness bullying

- Describe how to be safe in their computer gaming habits

- Discuss how to keep safe near roads, rail, water, building sites and around fireworks

- Understand what to do in an emergency and be aware of basic emergency first aid procedures



- Explain how to keep safe online

- Know that violence within relationships is not acceptable

- Understand the problems that can occur when someone goes missing from home

- Discuss the feelings of being out and about in the local area with increasing independence

- Describe how to recognise and respond to peer pressure

- Recognise the consequences of anti-social behaviour including gang and gang-related behaviour)

- Be aware of the importance for girls to be protected against FGM