Curriculum Enhancements

Each section below details how we supplement our taught curriculum with a range of initiatives, events, ongoing actions and links inside and outside of school. This forms part of the curriculum offer for our children here at Moorthorpe, and helps us to meet our vision for them to:

  • Remember knowledge
  • Apply skills
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Make connections
  • Enjoy the process

We also aim to develop the whole-child by intending for pupils to:

  • Understand their world
  • Communicate effectively
  • Find avenues for creative expression
  • Regulate wellbeing & self-care
  • Show empathy, compassion & pride


Equality & Diversity

One-page overview




Theme of learning

BAME books for children

How to talk to children about racism - Usborne blog post

How to help your child learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity - Usborne blog post


Cultural Capital

One-page overview


Cultural Capital Degree Programme

How We Got To Know

Inspiration & Aspiration

Taught curriculum




Volunteering & community work

Wakefield Schools Trust Climate Change Action Group

Can kids really understand the climate crisis and do something about it? - Usborne post

British Values

Acts of Kindness

Theme of Learning - Citizenship & Democracy

Theme of Learning - Nature & Sustainability


Showcase & Perform

Competitions – sporting & otherwise

Concerts, performances & exhibitions

Reading aloud and talking in front of others

Website and Class Dojo



ELSA & PIMS programmes

Online safety

Active school

PSHE a priority

Theme of Learning

Return to school art projects



Link to English page on website

Read Write Inc

Accelerated Reader

Class Novels